Whether you’re a solo worker cracking a code in a café or a bustling team working in the company office; you’re probably working on some computing device, you may or may not be connected to the internet but you most definitely have some form of software running on your computer. We use software on a daily basis; from browsing tools like Google Chrome to job management and accounting tools like Timestead, we’re constantly clicking away.

Since a great portion of our time is spent on software programs, wouldn’t it be great if you could customize your software to perform to your preference? Bespoke software takes simple everyday tasks and minimizes them to goal-oriented services that meet your workload’s needs. No two businesses run in the same fashion, so how can a standard type of software come with a ‘one size fits all’ approach? The perks of customising your software are immense and with concepts such as integration and scalability as front runners on the list there’s no stopping its integrity.

An ‘off-the-shelf’ product never quite lives up to that of a custom creation and a number of benefits can be claimed for bespoke software too; here are the questions you should ask before you invest in bespoke software:

Can a Custom Software adapt to my business?

Custom software is fully adaptable. Apart from customising smaller requests, bespoke software is built with your company’s needs in mind. The flexibility of custom software is incredible; not only can it be tailored to your company’s current requirements but it can also turn up the volume or do a 180 on its set-up – it’s in no way rigid. Use it on your work computer, your home laptop or even on your smartphone; it can be arranged.

Can it incorporate the specifics?

If you’re talking about tailor-made specifics, then yes! Custom software is best used by enterprises looking to standardise their techniques: as well as digitize them in the most effective and efficient way for the company’s success. Fulfilling specific requirements is a tedious task but with custom software at your disposal, everyday task can be made so much easier.

Can it secure my information?

Safety and security are two factors which bespoke software developers take into consideration. Using standard software does pose a threat to your data of information; as once any fraudulent behaviour hits your software; you may lose your information for good. Custom software is only used by a select amount of individuals who need security credentials to access any information. Far safer, far more reliable.

Can it be integrated easily?

Communication between departments is made so much easier with an integrated custom software set up! Even though different departments in a company may be working on a variation of data that need not be shared in its entirety, there will be snippets of information that every company member will need to access. The easiest solution to end the to and fro of emails is definitely customised software that links departments to one another sharing information seamlessly within a safe and personalised space.

Can I get help when I need it?

Yes! This is one of the main perks to owning custom software! Having your own support team to iron out any problems you may be facing with your software means that all issues are solved faster and with a higher knowledge on the product. Customising software has yet another pro; since it’s made to work in a certain way, failing to perform is quite a rare feature. But, nonetheless, full support is given when any issues do arise.

All in all, custom software is seen as a revolutionary approach to carrying out work in an effective and efficient manner. There are tonnes of corners cut, so many secret passages taken and as a result a faster, tidier product is achieved in a cost-effective way. This investment will not only save you time for the company but also save money on licensing and other standard software hang-ups.