Cloud security is a system that consists of a series of policies, controls, procedures and technologies that together, protect cloud-based systems, their data and of course their infrastructure. Also known as cloud computing security, this technology is set up to protect data on private and corporate devices to help restrict access and in turn sharing of sensitive material.

Cloud security adheres to regulatory compliance and privacy acts by means of the authentication rules set up for each device, its users and cloud setup. This customisable technology filters traffic to be configured in a tailor-made manner that works differently for every specific cloud security solution. But what makes it so important to the daily running of businesses, private users and our technological infrastructure in general?

Why is cloud security so important?

Cloud security is a necessary tool creating a streamlined and seamless mode of protection for your business. When making the transition from standard security measures to cloud security solutions, your company is stepping into a digital space, so the ultimate form of protection is always recommended.

At 4Sight we can help you choose the best cloud security solutions for your setup be it corporate, personal or boutique. There are many factors that will help us decide what cloud security is best for you, but what you need to know as an end user is what you will be benefiting from once we guide you in choosing the right solution. Here are a few features that you will be gaining:

Quality security fixes

The major aspect to understand when it comes to centralized security is that it concentrated to one area or code; much like the other solutions a cloud-based business would make use of.

The biggest perk in using centralized security is that it enhances traffic analysis as well as filtering, the monitoring of network events is streamlined, updates in software is greatly reduced. Seeing as such solutions are web based also allows for faster recovery plans should disaster strike.

Reduced costs and man power

Dedicated (and expensive) hardware can often be avoided when opting for cloud solutions in general. When cloud security is adopted into your daily runnings, capital expenditure will be greatly reduced as will administrative efforts. This will free up your IT staff’s time from dealing with faulty hardware to focusing on other tasks at hand.

Guaranteed reliability

Cloud computing solutions and services are always on the ball. With the right solutions for your needs, you can rest assured that your security measures allow users to access online data safely, use applications with ease and privately work on sensitive material that you wouldn’t like to share with the world just yet!

There has been a great surge in cloud solutions across all platforms and devices for a variety of reasons, security being one of them. While cloud security is definitely the best option for monetary, efficiency and reliability reasons, getting in touch with cloud solution experts will ensure that you are protected and working at your optimum 24/7.