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UX/UI Front end Development

“People ignore design that ignores people.” – Frank Chimero

The user experience of an app, a website or any software application is vital for its utility. It would be useless to have a great, super functioning software but making it all work requires a huge amount of training and expertise. Software, especially in straight forward tasks, should be intuitive in such a way that a user can utilize the software with the least amount of training possible.

Also, it is very important that the reading experience of data, and finding out information on a software, is no rocket science to a non-technical user. At 4Sight, we strive to provide the best user interface possible, in line with most commonly popular interface features.

We make sure that the application in study, especially on web browsers, is responsive to adjust within the screen size, regardless of the device. Colour coding, use of intuitive icons and fast performing frontend solutions are just some of the ingredients used to create a successful user experience.

In higher level software solution development, we use external partners to test usability and ensure unbiased feedback is given to polish a frontend to its best outcome.

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App Development
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UX/UI Front end Development
A focus on the look and feel, seamless display features, fast response rate and overall aesthetic qualities is what gives a website user a great experience on your site.

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